Kellebelle Yoga is owned by Kelly McGrath - a London based Yoga Teacher from Ireland

Available for group yoga classes and privates - get in touch via the contact form or email

Kelly is a Registered Vinyasa & Yin Yoga Teacher who trained under the guidance of Emily-Clare Hill and Michael James Wong at The Frame Academy (200hrs) in London.  Following her initial training, Kelly went on to do a 40hr Advanced Assisting Course with Sunday School Yoga and 75hr Yin Yoga Teacher Training with PowerLiving Australia.

The Blog: After studying Journalism in Dublin City University and working in media for many years, Kelly is passionate about writing about  environmental and animal welfare issues and providing information on sustainability and vegan food.

My Yoga Story: I dabbled in yoga for a few years before I properly fell in love with the practice. My first experience with yoga was  accidentally going to a VOGA class (vogue-ing dance moves coupled with yoga poses!) and, for someone who hadn't a clue what Downward Dog was at that stage, it left me feeling very confused as to what this whole 'yoga thing' was. And frankly, out of my depth.

It wasn't until I moved to London and would suffer from panic attacks that I started to properly take a look into yoga, on the advice of my GP.  After my initial yoga experience, I decided that this time I would take it slow and find teachers that I clicked with. I started to go to beginners yoga classes and workshops to really build the foundations and my confidence. 

I soon found myself going to classes most days and a few months later I booked to go on my first yoga retreat. From there, everything snowballed and I felt like I found 'my thing'. Unlike many yogis, I was never a dancer (unless Zumba counts!) or sporty in any way so sequencing and flowing didn't come naturally to me at first. I am not the most flexible person and my hips will never allow me to do a full tree pose, let alone lotus! BUT... what yoga has taught me, and what I aim to teach, is that none of this actually matters. We make shapes in yoga and connect the movement to breath, but being able to look a certain way or master certain asanas (poses) is not the end goal. 

I am really passionate about teaching yoga and nurturing all levels of students as I know what a wonderful impact a kind and understanding teacher can have. As a teacher you have the power to help transform and give students the tools to build their own yoga journey. 

Keep checking in on the blog for recipes & news. 

"Kindness is a language that the deaf can hear and the blind can see."

- Mark Twain.